The Full Set includes one of each of the eight statute books ACEC California offers.

Set Includes: 2017 Professional Engineers Act, Professional Land Surveyors Act & Geologist and Geophysicist Act, State Board Rules; 2017 Subdivision Map Act; 2017 California Environmental Quality Act and CEQA Guidelines; 2017 Planning and Zoning Laws; 2017 Land Use Laws - Environmental Permit Reform Act, Endangered Species Act (California), and Coastal Act; 2017 Water and Environmental Laws; 2017 Procurement and Liability Laws- Impacting Engineering and Surveying - Public and Private Partnerships, Liability, Design-Build and Additional Laws; 2017 Prevailing Wage Law

The full set is no longer available due to the fact that we have sold out of the 2017 Subdivision Map Act Book. The other 7 publications we offer are available individually.